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Closing the Interview

  1. If you are interested in the position, let the interviewer know. Feel free to tell the interviewer that you are impressed with the company & hope that he or she will consider you for a position.

  2. Ask for the job or for the next interview. Let the interviewer know that you would like to proceed on in the interviewing process. If this is a final interview & the interviewer offers you a job & you want it, accept it on the spot. If you would like some time to think it over, ask the interviewer if you can have some time to think about it. Give the interviewer a specific date of when you will get back to him or her. A customary time frame is 24-48 hours.

  3. Don’t be discouraged if no immediate commitment is made. The interviewer may need to communicate with others before making a decision.

  4. If you get the impression that the interview is not going well, do not let your discouragement show. Some interviewers may try & discourage you as a way to test your reaction.

  5. Thank the interviewer for his or her time & consideration.

  6. Ask for a business card.

  7. Remember to follow up the interview with a "thank you" letter, stating why you are interested in the position & why you would be an asset to their company.


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