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The Interview

The big day has arrived. Here are some DO’s & Don’ts regarding the interview.

DO arrive on time or early.

DO fill out an application if it is presented to you. Fill it out completely & neatly. Never misrepresent your education or work experience. When filling out salary desired, always write "open".

DO greet the interviewer by his or her name & shake hands firmly.

DO wait until you are offered a chair before sitting. Make sure to sit upright & look alert at all times. Be as good a listener as a talker & be sure to smile.

DO look the interviewer in the eye while you are talking with him or her.

DO follow the interviewer’s leads. However, try & get the interviewer to describe the responsibilities & duties of the position early on so you can relate your background & skills to the position.

DO make sure that your strengths come across. You want the interviewer to realize their need for you in their organization.

DO show enthusiasm & have a positive attitude.

DO use key words when describing yourself:

* Driven * Global
* Tenacious * Takes Initiative
* Good Motivator * Goal Oriented
* Operationally Strong * High Energy
* Merchant - not just visual, but understanding demographics
* Enthusiastic * Pro-Active
* Good Communicator * Sense of Urgency
* Assertive * Aggressive
* Accountable * Team Player
* Determined * Dedicated

DO be prepared to answer typical questions:

Why would you like to work for this company & why would you make a move?

What are you looking for to make a move?

What are your strengths/weaknesses?

What is your customer service philosophy?

Who have you developed to be promoted?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

What do you look for when you’re interviewing a candidate?

Why should I hire you?

DON’T chew gum or smoke even if the interviewer offers.

DON’T answer questions with a simple "yes" or "no". Explain your answers whenever possible & relate it to the position.

DON’T "over answer" questions. Answer questions by speaking in terms of the position. Emphasize what you can do for the company. Your answers should tell the employer why you would be an asset to their company. Be clear, direct & detailed in your answers. Use examples when appropriate.

DON’T lie. Answer questions truthfully & as to the point as possible.

DON’T talk negative about any company or person you’ve worked with.

DON’T bring up salary, benefits, vacation, bonuses, etc. at the initial interview. If the interviewer asks about salary, let him or her know that you are looking for opportunity & growth, but hope that they would offer you something competitive.


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